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Total Light Naples Two-Tiered Path Light: The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Total Light Naples  2-tire Path Light

Landscape lighting is an essential aspect of home exterior design, adding not only a visually pleasing ambiance but also increasing the property's safety and security. Among the variety of options available in the market, the Total Light Naples Two-Tiered Path Light distinguishes itself as a superior choice, fitting seamlessly into any landscape, from sprawling estates to quaint beach bungalows.

What Makes the Total Light Naples Two-Tiered Path Light Unique

The Universal Appeal

The first feature to note is its universal appeal. The stout brass fixture and classic design ensure the light fits effortlessly into any landscape, be it a rustic farmhouse or a modern city dwelling.

The Blend with Various Architectural Styles

The fixture's design is flexible enough to merge with colonial, contemporary, and modern looks. Whether you're looking for a light to complement your Victorian porch or your minimalist garden, the Naples Two-Tiered Path Light is your answer.

Superior Illumination Capabilities

Most importantly, the fixture offers superior illumination. With its consistent wide beam spread, it excellently lights up paths, gardens, walkways, and ground cover, bringing safety and beauty to your outdoor space.

Examining the Total Light Naples Two-Tiered Path Light in Detail

The Brass Fixture

The brass fixture ensures durability and longevity, resisting environmental damage. This solid brass material, combined with its timeless aesthetic, assures that the fixture remains a part of your landscape for years.

The Beam Spread

The product's beam spread is optimized for illuminating paths and gardens effectively. It provides a well-distributed light that makes navigation safer and easier during dark hours.

The Lamp Type

The Naples Path Light uses a TL-G4-2.5W-27 or TL-G4-2.5W-30 G4 lamp, sold separately. This G4 Bi-PIN lamp type provides excellent light quality while maintaining energy efficiency.

Benefits of Using the Total Light Naples Two-Tiered Path Light

Total Light Naples 2-tier Path Light

Enhancing Aesthetics

The first and foremost benefit of installing this light is the enhancement of your property's aesthetics. The classic brass finish gives a stylish and upscale look to your landscape.

Practical Illumination

This path light provides practical illumination. Its focused beam spread ensures safe and secure navigation of your outdoor spaces during nighttime, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Easy Installation

With its included ground stake, installation is a breeze. You don't have to be an expert to install this path light in your landscape.  A 12 Volt Transformer is required to power all Total Light Landscape Lighting fixtures.

Unique Features

The Lifetime Warranty

Possibly the most enticing feature is the lifetime warranty, both residential and commercial. You can rest assured knowing that this fixture is a long-term investment protected against manufacturing defects.

The Classic Brass Finish

The light's classic brass finish ensures it will age beautifully, adding character to your outdoor space over time.

The Certification

Certified by ETL, this product assures compliance with North American safety standards.

Comparison with Other Path Lights

When compared to other path lights in the market, the Total Light Naples Two-Tiered Path Light stands out due to its unmatched quality, lifetime warranty, and universal appeal.

Understanding the Importance of Path Lighting

Path lighting is crucial for any residential or commercial landscape. It enhances safety, improves visibility, and adds to the aesthetics of your outdoor space. The Total Light Naples Two-Tiered Path Light meets all these needs and more.

Why Choose the Total Light Naples Two-Tiered Path Light

With its timeless design, reliable performance, and superior quality, the Total Light Naples Two-Tiered Path Light is the best choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and functionality to their landscape.


In conclusion, the Total Light Naples Two-Tiered Path Light, with its universal appeal and practical design, is a stellar choice for anyone looking to elevate their landscape's aesthetics and functionality. With a lifetime warranty, classic brass finish, and robust construction, it promises long-term satisfaction and value for money.

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