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Spring is upon us and it is time to adjust your Total Light Transformer’s timer to the perfect outdoor living schedule until November first when Daylight Savings ends. While you are visiting your landscape lighting transformer, it is a good idea to do a little spring cleaning. Open up the cabinet and clean out any dust and spider webs that may have accumulated. Also, look for any wear and tear or loose terminal connections that may need service. If you have questions, contact a Landscape Lighting Professional. 

Adjustments to your timer will enhance your spring and summer outdoor evening experience. There are sever types of timers that can use adjusting in different ways:
Astronomical Timer

Total Light Photocell
  • Photocell Timer (TL-PHOTOCELL) Total Light's photocell sensor is a great accessory that simply turns your Total Light system on at dark and off with light. It can be paired with a mechanical timer for a pre-dawn turn-off. Since this device senses darkness, there is no need to adjust it for daylight savings, but be sure to make sure that it has good exposure to daylight as your landscape grows.
Total Light Mechanical Timer

  • Mechanical Timer (TL-MECHTIMER) If you have a manual mechanical timer, it will need to be adjusted for daylight savings time. To adjust the time, rotate the mechanical dial clockwise until the correct time is shown in the small window in the middle of the timer. There are green pins (start time) and red pins (end times) that you will move into position to adjust the start times and end times for your lights.




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